Friday, July 8, 2011

Four More Deadly Poems, (Famous People Edition)

There once was a lady, Gaga her name,
Like Cyndi Lauper, almost the same,
One day she was on stage and was eaten by wolves,
Not the fault of a person, as the 80s were to blame.

There once was a woman named Kesha,
Her hair was blond, her shirts mesh-a,
One day she became irrelevant, and was eaten by wolves,
And people cared even less-a.

There once was a man named Jay-Z,
I'm king of hip-hop, he did decree,
He had 99 problems, and was eaten by wolves,
Now Beyonce's a single lady, alone and free.

There once was a Jackson named Michael,
He told his siblings to take a hike-ael,
Once day he was moonwalking and was eaten by wolves,
On Facebook, his page has many like-aels (because he's dead).

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