Monday, July 18, 2011

3 More Deadly Poems, Part III

A man named Hank, an artist and a poet, was walking near the lake,

He turned around and saw something move, the bushes began to shake.
Then a pack of wolves surrounded him, the world became dark as night,
Poor Hank was then sadly eaten and he could no longer write.

A woman named Gail was gardening. Petunias, gardenias, and rose,
A wolf came out of nowhere and she went quickly for the hose.
The water was no match for the beast, as Gail was eaten alive,
She should have planted herbs, for wolves are allergic to chive.

Little Kevin was playing basketball, alone in his driveway,
He couldn't make a basket, though he practiced everyday.
A wolf came along and offered some help, "Here give me a try,"
He made the shot then ate the boy, that's how Kevin came to die.

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  1. Gabe,
    I admit I was wrong about Obama.
    He's worse then I ever expected.
    Thanks for supporting this genius.

    Your pal,

    Michael Jackson

  2. Michael, I agree with you about Obama.
    Gabe why do you hate working People?
    Obama hopes we all go on welfare so we will vote for him.

  3. Gabe, Do you like what King Obama did today?